What plastic worms catch bass in Arizona
Largemouth Bass caught in Arizona

Plastic worms are a staple bait in the world of bass fishing, and for good reason. They are incredibly versatile, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be rigged in different ways to imitate a variety of prey. In Arizona, plastic worms are particularly effective for catching bass due to the diverse landscape and water bodies that provide ideal habitats for largemouth bass. Here are some tips on using plastic worms for bass fishing at lakes in the Phoenix area.

Choosing the right size and color

Bass in Arizona can be particularly finicky, so it’s important to choose the right size and color of plastic worm to match the conditions. In clearer water, natural colors like green pumpkin or watermelon can work well, while in murky water or low light conditions, darker colors like black or purple may be more effective. As for size, it’s best to match the size of the worm to the size of the bass in the area. We like 5 inch and larger worms (up to 10 inches) from companies like Yamamoto, Yum, and Berkley.

Rig your plastic worm correctly

Largemouth Bass caught in ArizonaThere are a variety of ways to rig a plastic worm, but the most common methods for bass fishing in Arizona are Texas rigging and Carolina rigging. Texas rigging involves sliding a bullet weight onto the line and tying on a hook, then inserting the hook into the top of the worm and burying it so that it’s weedless. Carolina rigging involves a longer leader between the weight and the hook, allowing the worm to float more naturally.

Fish the plastic worm slowly

Bass in Arizona can be particularly wary, so it’s important to fish your plastic worm slowly and deliberately. Let the worm sink to the bottom and then bounce it along the bottom, pausing occasionally to allow the worm to flutter and look more lifelike.

Try different retrieves

If the bass aren’t responding to a slow and steady retrieve, try varying your retrieves. You can try hopping the worm along the bottom or reeling it in quickly and then pausing, imitating a fleeing prey.

In conclusion, plastic worms are a highly effective bait for bass fishing in Arizona. By choosing the right size and color, rigging your worm correctly, fishing it slowly, and trying different retrieves, you’ll be sure to hook into some impressive bass in no time.

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